Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Beginnings of the Madness

Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows the difference between a good customer and a not so great one. Despite the fact I've only been in it for nine months, I have learned the difference well. We all get customers that are grumpy or rushed to get things done and aren't necessarily the most courteous of people. However, there will always be things about retail that will frustrate the living bonkers out of the workers. Whether it's new corporate rules being crammed down your throat, or the inconsideration of those you're trying to help, it can be a frustrating work day. This little blog is my way of venting said frustrations and perhaps make someone else's day, (because honestly some of the stories I have are truly incredible.)

Today's topic shall be people who do not listen when you tell them something. As much as I love the sound of my own voice, I do get annoyed with people when I have to repeat myself eight hundred times. I had a lady in the store the other day whose online order was screwed up. I apologized and told her there was nothing I could do, but that she should call the manager working in the morning who handled the shipments. She seemed agreeable at that and left, however, not two hours later the same lady calls and had me pull up her order and look for it. I obliged her but again it was not in the back room. So I tell her once again to call the morning manager. (Sigh)

Its also lovely when you tell a customer that a certain brand is excluded from a coupon they are trying to use, but they insist on making you "just make sure." (Sigh) Ma'am, I do know how to do my job. But the worst offenders of the People Who Don't Listen Category are the ones who believe their coupons or rewards have a cash value. Said people will come in to return an item and bicker about the return price because they think they should get their coupon value back. The return value is the price they pay, nothing more, nothing less. Period. Yet, I've had customers fight me on that for ages. 

Just as a final note, I do love my job, my coworkers and my company. Its the first and foremost place that I shop, but there are days......need I say more?